IMPORTANT Information about recent Free Upgrades

  • Monday, 16th August, 2021
  • 13:54pm

Hello Everyone,

Regarding the Free Upgrade and Migration process currently going on, we want to bring your attention to some Important points here,

Re-setup PayPal Subscription

Our upgrade module nulls the automatic payment subscription with PayPal as a security mechanism. That's why a Service upgrade will result in the cancellation of your Pre-paid Agreement with PayPal.

So, if you've any active PayPal Subscription set for your service, you'll have to set it up again for the new service.

The following servers from Batch 1 have already been migrated and servers from Batch 2 are currently being migrated. If you have had a slot on one of those, please take care of your PayPal subscription accordingly. 

Batch 1 Servers: - Migrated Completely.

LW814-LW817, LW820-LW827, LW831, LW840, LW850, and LW851 (NVME SERVERS) , LW887

LW904-LW909, LW911-LW914, LW970-LW977, LW980-LW989

Batch 2 Servers: - Migration In-Progress

LW834, LW841-LW844.


Re-set Access Passwords

To properly access your new service, you must reset the passwords for the basic services such as FTP/SSH/HTTP access. Please visit the Control Panel( and reset the passwords for all the services present under the `Access details` tab. 

Also, notice that your new slot has a different hostname now, which should be used for accessing it via FTP or SSH. All application URLs also have been updated, kindly refer to your Control Panel's `Applications Tab` when accessing the applications on your new slot. 


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Best Regards, Migration Team


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