Legacy-SSD / LW950 is being retired. Extremely important news.

Hi guys and gals. Some bittersweet news  for you today, our LW950 server or SSD as it is known has reached it's EOL and is being retired 03/31/2020.It is being replaced by our exciting Pro plans, which are NVMe SSD's. Please please if you are a client of LW950 on our SSD range, check your emails are your earliest convenience so that we can open ... Read More »

28th Jan 2020
Secure your (APPS) Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett!

Hello ladies and gentleman.It has come to our attention just how open some of our clients applications are, we want to put a stop to this. You will notice more and more features appear that put your security first. But for now we want to end this current state of affairs.  This goes for all apps that are open by default. 80% of our clients are ... Read More »

18th May 2019
Your Account Security. IMPORTANT.

Hi, This is a global correspondence to all of our clients and it is to make you all aware of ongoing brute-force attacks on our UCP's and WHMCS customer portals. Even with recaptcha and  "failed attempts limits" rules enabled as a deterrent this will not prevent someone potentially accessing your slot if you were using same credentials to other ... Read More »

17th May 2019
Update about the recent upgrades

Hello all,   We wanted to update about the upgrades that happened last week around on all the servers. We had three goals in mind to apply these updates Installing nginx on all servers with short url and making our slots future SSL ready Upgrading Kernel Upgrading docker to the latest stable version   Everything went ... Read More »

25th Mar 2019
Kernel and software security updates

Dear clients.

We will be in process of upgrading ALL  servers to apply latest kernel and software security updates. 
Expected downtime is about 1-2h per server.
More info about this can be found here:  https://my.ultraseedbox.com/serverstatus.php

Best Regards, 

10th Mar 2019
Black Friday deals

Hello!   Happy Black Friday to y'all. This time we wanted to bring promotions that are not just for Black Friday but for the future as well. That's why we are upgrading existing plans while also introducing a new plan.   1.) Introducing a new plan named Jaguar-Storage.  It has a dedicated 8TB drive with 15TB of upload traffic for only ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2018
Traffic is now doubled on all limited traffic plans


Congrats, We now have doubled the traffic on Small Robust plans and Plex plans. You will now enjoy more traffic while paying the same and we believe that these plans now have more than adequate amount of traffic.

Now you have more reasons to pick limited traffic plans over Unmetered ones. :)



3rd Aug 2018
PayPal and PayPal subscriptions cancellation explanation

Hello,We would like to inform you all about an incredible news, Our company is successful in working state in Singapore under the name of SlashN Services Pte. Ltd., With this we are going to have more access to products that market has to offer to small businesses like ours easily that we didnt had access for before and much more things like that. ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2018
We are on discord now!

Hello all,

You all already know that we had ditched IRC few days ago, we wanted more interaction with our customers and wanted to provide better support experience to our customer. So we have moved to discord now.

USB's discord server invite: https://discord.gg/dZtmf3d

If you have any questions, mail me at enon@ultraseedbox.com


26th Mar 2018
Improvements we will be bringing this month and the next.

Hello Folks,We really appericiate your trust in us, We really want to provide you with the best. In our business practise our only intention is to offer the best value for your money and we are not afraid to accept that there's alot thinge needs to be done, there are lots of improvements we need to perform and there are lots of issues we need to ... Read More »

5th Oct 2017