DELAYED Support Response Times. Important information.

  • Tuesday, 13th July, 2021
  • 20:04pm

Hello, Clients of

Just a little communication in regards to our current support response times.

Customers are used to having their tickets responded to within the hour a most, which will not be possible for the next few weeks.

Our team is extremely preoccupied with migrating (manually) to our new network. While this is ongoing, the support times will suffer a little as we deploy more human resources to migrate clients efficiently.
Lots of hard work and dedication has gone into our Wiki at so, and It may be worthwhile checking there to see if The Wiki can answer your question or if the solution is in our docs.
Additionally, we also have a community Discord at with extremely helpful members (Never give out any of your credentials to anyone outside of staff roles)

I appreciate your patience, and please accept our apologies in advance for any delays. I promise we will get to you as soon as we can.

This will not last forever. The support you know, love and have become accustomed to shall return when this monumental task is completed.

Much love as usual to you guys/gals. We have the best customers.

Best Regards, Support Manager

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