Hi guys and gals.

Some bittersweet news  for you today, our LW950 server or SSD as it is known has reached it's EOL and is being retired 03/31/2020.
It is being replaced by our exciting Pro plans, which are NVMe SSD's. Please please if you are a client of LW950 on our SSD range, check your emails are your earliest convenience so that we can open dialogue.

The deadline for all migrations is 03/31/2020 and the last Monthly  cycle invoice will be generated 02/29/20.
We are not going to rush straight into migrations, as we still have plenty of time :)
We are currently compiling a list of clients that require/want migration, so we will need correspondence for that - the email will outline what we're looking to do.

All eventual moving clients will be housed on a server complete with Emby/Jellyfin and of course, GPU transcoding!

Equivalent migrations.
Jag-SSD [300GB] => Jag-Pro [500GB]
Tejas-SSD [400GB] => Jag-Pro [500GB]
MIG-SSD [600GB] => Tejas Pro [750GB]
Sukhoi-SSD [1000GB] => MIG-Pro [1000GB]

Or you don't have to go to another SSD at all and rather move over to our awesome  Plex-Streaming plans.

Thank you for your time.
UltraSeedBox Management.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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