Happy Black Friday to y'all.

This time we wanted to bring promotions that are not just for Black Friday but for the future as well. That's why we are upgrading existing plans while also introducing a new plan.


1.) Introducing a new plan named Jaguar-Storage.  It has a dedicated 8TB drive with 15TB of upload traffic for only 35.99 EUR a month. An absolute steal for a dedicated drive with Plex. :)

2.) Increased bandwidth on our Plex Plans (applies to all existing users as well):

Thunder: 9TB (was 8TB)

Jaguar-Plex: 12TB (was 8TB)

Tejas-Plex: 18TB (was 15TB)

Mig-Plex: 24TB (was 20TB)

Sukhoi-Plex: 36TB (was 30TB)

Lightning-Plex: 50TB (was 40TB)


3.) Doubled disk space on all our SSD plans (applies to existing users as well).

4.) And last but not least: you will get a 50% first month discount on anything you order on the website by using the coupon   0SY3J7UKG7 



Thursday, November 22, 2018

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