We would like to inform you all about an incredible news, Our company is successful in working state in Singapore under the name of SlashN Services Pte. Ltd., With this we are going to have more access to products that market has to offer to small businesses like ours easily that we didnt had access for before and much more things like that. This is going to help us and you all in the longer term. We are in talks with Stripe and other CC processing companies as well to bring out the direct CC processing for services for you guys.
Changing companies and origin country for business will need us to change the Payment gateways as well, So we are going to change the Paypal account from the current one to the new Paypal account from Singapore entity. We will need to cancel all the subscriptions that we already have with you, and you will need to set up all the subscription again when the invoice is due. Apologies for this, we have no control over this at all. 

- within next 12 hours, we will cancel all active PayPal subscriptions payments
- until this transition is fully complete PayPal subscription button will not be available for next 1-2 days

- the only help we would require from your side is to set up new PayPal subscription again once the new PayPal subscription becomes available 
- after we complete setup of new PayPal account and re-enable PayPal subscription button, we will send you an email
 notification and let you know that it's possible to re-create your subscription payment.
We would like to thank you all for the continued support and trust. We wont let you all down - we will strive to improve and offer the best. 

2018-08-05  - We noticed that some customer asked support about missing PayPal button on invoice since this change, we assure you that PayPal button is on invoice, if you do not see  it than it is more likely that you need to select payment method on invoice, there is dropdown with options for payment methods and for sure there is PayPal method in that list. See screenshot:
Thanks for your reading
-USB Staff

Sunday, July 22, 2018

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