Free hardware upgrade for all clients

  • 17th August 2011

Dear Clients

We will upgrade all your plans during next few days for FREE.


Standard plans:

dedicated RAM 1512 MB --> 2048 MB


Proffesional plans

dedicated RAM 2048 MB --> 3072 MB
1 CPU cores  --> 2 CPU cores


Kind Regards,
Ultra Seedbox


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You should follow us on tweeter

  • 29th July 2011


You should follow us on tweeter here

From now on all news (server repairs, promotions, new offers etc.) will be announced on tweeter.

Kind regards,
Ultra Seedbox


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Proxy server (HTTP)

  • 19th July 2011
HTTP or web proxy server is now available. Preconfigured servers, those that come with ruTorrent or Deluge, will have proxy server preinstalled. Proxy will allow you to use your seedbox IP address while surfing the internet and it will keep your personal IP address hidden. Proxy comes in hand if tracker doesn't allow you to use downloaded torrent ...
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