January 31st 2021 Deadline for old Plex plans FREE upgrade. Hurry!

  • Sunday, 6th December, 2020
  • 16:19pm

Hello Clients,

This is for clients of our older plans that are entitled to a free upgrade.
We will be setting a deadline of January 31st 2021 to submit your ticket and claim your OPTIONAL free upgrade. For some, the migration process is an inconvenience and are happy with something that just works for them and, in addition to that they maybe on a GPU enabled server which is not otherwise guaranteed with any HDD plan.

Your eligibility and entitlement is listed in the table below :)
*exclusions apply


Current Plan Will be upgraded to Exclusive Plan Space in TB, not TiB Upload Your current plan cost.
Wind          to Eagle*¹ *² 1.5TB (1396GB) 6TB upload €10.00 EUR
Thunder to Mustang*¹ *² 2TB (1862GB) 8TB upload €12.00 EUR
to Jaguar-Stream*¹ *² *³
3TB (2793GB)
12TB upload
€15.95 EUR
to Tejas-Stream *¹ *² *³
4.5TB (4190GB)
18TB upload
€23.95 EUR
to Mig-Stream*¹ *² *³
6TB (5587GB)
24TB upload
€31.95 EUR
to Sukhoi-Stream*¹ *² *³
9TB (8381GB)
36TB upload
€47.95 EUR
to Lightning-Stream*¹ *² *³
12TB (11175GB)
50TB upload
€59.95 EUR




¹ Summer 2018 Annual/Biannual 60-70% discounted products, clients previously upgraded to exclusive -Stream, Hornet, Falcon and Gripen plans, and clients with significant discount codes at staff discretion do not qualify. S-Wind, M-Wind and NVMe Pro plans also can not be offered an upgrade at this time.

² Unfortunately, PayPal subscription will be cancelled due to the product and pricing changing, we cannot avoid this. Please remember to setup your subscription again on your following cycle. >CLICK HERE< for our help article that will assist with that.

³ GPU's are not installed in all servers, so it's not guaranteed that one will be present in your upgraded server.


While support is extremely happy to help with the migration process, we would humbly ask you to migrate your data if you are capable and confident. This is best from both a security and privacy standpoint.
We would kindly ask for patience over the coming week(s) as there may be slight delays due to the volume of upgrades/tickets.
Our excellent migration resource is >HERE< This document will help transfer all of your data and restore any sessions. 

Again, we would kindly ask you to submit a ticket with support for your optional upgrade.

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