Well done to those guys over there that keep developing such great software!

Branch was changed to stable during the night 36 hours ago which caused some issues for some folks, we weren't ready for it and we apologize for that.
We've updated our Radarr image and supported the downgrade function now so we are good.

The Upgrade/repair option from your UCP should pull the latest image now.

note: The initial upgrade backs up your old database(zip) please give this time. UCP may produce an error due to not completing in the timeout window.
Please do not spam repair/upgrade as this will just overlap the task. If after a reasonable amount of time Radarr is not reachable then submit a ticket. 

upgrade/install has --version switch via CLI for those who prefer V2, however databases are not backward compatible.

Best Regards,
Team UltraSeedbox.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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