Hello, everyone! We have some exciting news for you, and we hope you're going to like it.


First off, we would like to thank you guys for the tremendous response we received over the past few weeks regarding our relaunch. We've sold more than 850 slots, and that number is steadily going up. Our dev team has also improved our platform, such as updated torrent clients such as Transmission 3.0, autodl-irssi, and Plex Media Server improvements. We couldn't have done it without our current clients, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support!


Now, onto the good stuff! For Black Friday we have introduced a new plan called Aurora. Aurora has the following mad specs:


12TB Enterprise dedicated drive, 30TB upload and 20Gbit for 39.95EUR/mo - Order now


Please Note: Due to some setup with the delivery due to COVID and health protocols in place, Our hardware is delayed - you can order your slot now but it will get deployed on Tuesday. We have only stocked 108 units of these plans and this plan/specs at this price might never be returned so order soon.

The Harrier plan is still on blackfriday deal and is in stock as well. Harrier has the following specs and pricing:


4TB Disk space, 20TB upload and 20-50Gbps for 19.95EUR/mo

For those who did not make it, our 50% discount code is still active and will expire at midnight on the 30th of November, 2020 CET. Use the code NKL3R1VY4I to get a 50% Discount for the first month.


Black Friday doesn’t have to be all about new clients. For our current clients, our exclusive slot upgrades are still underway. Head over to our previous announcement here for more information: 



Little summary about free upgrades:

Current Plan Will be upgraded to Exclusive Plan Space in TB, not TiB Upload Your current plan cost.
Wind          =====> Eagle*¹ *² 1.5TB (1396GB) 6TB upload €10.00 EUR
Thunder =====> Mustang*¹ *² 2TB (1862GB) 8TB upload €12.00 EUR
=====> Jaguar-Stream*¹ *² *³
3TB (2793GB)
12TB upload
€15.95 EUR
=====> Tejas-Stream *¹ *² *³
4.5TB (4190GB)
18TB upload
€23.95 EUR
=====> Mig-Stream*¹ *² *³
6TB (5587GB)
24TB upload
€31.95 EUR
=====> Sukhoi-Stream*¹ *² *³
9TB (8381GB)
36TB upload
€47.95 EUR
=====> Lightning-Stream*¹ *² *³
12TB (11175GB)
50TB upload
€59.95 EUR

Please read the whole announcement for full information and exclusions.


And finally, we're announcing another giveaway!

There are 32 prizes up for grabs, and they are as follows:

1x $300 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

1x $200 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

1x $100 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

2x $75 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

3x $50 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

5x $25 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

15x $10 Ultraseedbox Account Credit


This giveaway is only available for Ultraseedbox clients with at least 1 active paying slot.


Here's what we're going to do:


  • Every 24 hours, we'll be doing a giveaway on the USB Discord Server, each with its own price tier.

  • Simply go to #raffle and click on the reaction to join the giveaway.

  • At the end of the giveaway, the bot will randomly pick and ping the winners.

  • The Ultraseedbox team will DM the winners, and they will have 24 hours to respond.

  • Once we verified your USB Client Area account, your winnings will be credited.


Take note that once you've won once, you'll be barred from joining in the next giveaways. Any unclaimed prizes will be rerolled with our discretion.


The schedule of the giveaway are as follows:

9x $10 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

8x $10 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

5x $25 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

3x $50 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

2x $75 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

1x $100 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

1x $200 Ultraseedbox Account Credit

1x $300 Ultraseedbox Account Credit


Our Discord server can be found here - https://discord.gg/YXGYS9D.


Again, thank you to both new and old customers! You're what makes us what we are, and without you, we wouldn't be where we are today.


Ultraseedbox Team

Friday, November 27, 2020

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