Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Many have suffered lost jobs, and the mental health of good people have also suffered. You all have our love and thoughts.

2020 has been a challenging and stressful year for everyone in all aspects of life, and we wish everyone the best in 2021. Hopefully, by then, we are no longer all locked up indoors :)


From now, and in the upcoming weeks, we have some exciting changes coming to UltraSeedbox. There’s a bit of news for everybody.


This year, we bring you more than just new packages, we have something for everyone, and we just didn’t concentrate on offering more value to our customers but also worked on amping up the security of UltraSeedbox and tried to standardize a lot of things by forming more robust policies and rules. And we also worked hard to deliver more transparency to our customers.


Trust and Transparency


Customer trust has always been one of our main fundamental values; we build, design, and create things with your trust always in mind. So we have delivered the disclosure policies we promised in June's downtime post-mortem, we formed these policies to be as transparent as possible with our clients. You can view our updated policies here:



When you look at the above policies, you will realize that we did our best to be transparent and clear about everything here at UltraSeedbox.




You trust us with your security and we take this very seriously, which is why we got our code audited by well respected and reputed third party security company Cure53. Their audits are no joke. Their team has proven this time and time again.They’ve done audits for companies like Bitwarden, ExpressVPN, Mullvad, to name a few. Rest assured that all of the critical issues Cure53 have found have been fixed, as well as implementing the recommendations that were given to us by the Cure53 team in their architectural advice to make our service bulletproof.


We also published a bug bounty program to allow independent security researchers to look for the problems in our systems and get rewarded handsomely for the issues that they find. 


UltraSeedBox will be investing in annual internal audits on code, gateways, databases, and general infrastructure as a matter of policy. Everybody's security and privacy are paramount!




Our support is very friendly. We are always available and approachable with almost any issue or question, no matter how big, small or insignificant it may seem and no matter how small or large your plan — no plan is more important than another. Every client gets the premium support experience. We aim to deliver an initial support ticket response time between 5 minutes to a maximum of two hours.

Finally, the real big news: New plans


We are now offering more storage for better value. For example, we used to offer 2TB space for 15.95EUR with 12TB upload, and now for just 1EUR more, we increased storage space by 1TB and increased traffic by 3TB. Not just that, we have made big investments in great hardware. Our newest servers are equipped with 128 vCore, Dual 7452 CPUs offering greater streaming performance.


New Essential Plans (No streaming apps)


Lancer - 500GB Disk Space, 4TB Upload - €4.95

Eagle - 1500GB Disk Space, 6TB Upload - €9.95


New xStream Plans  (Stream in the name :) )


Plan Space Traffic Price
Mustang 2TB 8TB Upload €12.95
Hercules 3TB 15TB Upload €16.95
Harrier 4TB 20TB Upload €21.95 19.95 (Black Friday Sale)
Mirage 6TB 30TB Upload €32.95
40TB Upload
50TB Upload


New Bolt NVMe Plans 


Mustang-Pro - 500GB Disk Space, 20TB Upload - €23.95

Hercules- Pro - 750GB Disk Space, 30TB Upload - €35.95

Harrier-Pro - 1TB Disk Space, 40TB Upload - €47.95

Mirage-Pro - 1.5TB Disk Space, 60TB Upload - €69.95

Typhoon-Pro - 2TB Disk Space, 80TB Upload - €94.95

Rafale-Pro - 4TB Disk Space, 120TB Upload - €149.95


Note: VNC remote desktop and X2GO will no longer be supported or included with any of our new UltraSeedbox plans


We have not forgotten our old customers!

*exclusions apply


Current Plan Will be upgraded to Exclusive Plan Space in TB, not TiB Upload Your current plan cost.
Wind          =====> Eagle*¹ *² 1.5TB (1396GB) 6TB upload €10.00 EUR
Thunder =====> Mustang*¹ *² 2TB (1862GB) 8TB upload €12.00 EUR
=====> Jaguar-Stream*¹ *² *³
3TB (2793GB)
12TB upload
€15.95 EUR
=====> Tejas-Stream *¹ *² *³
4.5TB (4190GB)
18TB upload
€23.95 EUR
=====> Mig-Stream*¹ *² *³
6TB (5587GB)
24TB upload
€31.95 EUR
=====> Sukhoi-Stream*¹ *² *³
9TB (8381GB)
36TB upload
€47.95 EUR
=====> Lightning-Stream*¹ *² *³
12TB (11175GB)
50TB upload
€59.95 EUR


¹ * Exclusions: Summer 2019 Annual/Biannual 60-70% discounted products, clients previously upgraded to exclusive -Stream, Hornet, Falcon and Gripen plans, and clients with significant discount codes at staff discretion do not qualify. S-Wind, M-Wind and NVMe Pro plans also can not be offered an upgrade at this time.

² Unfortunately, PayPal subscription will be cancelled due to the product and pricing changing, we cannot avoid this. Please remember to setup your subscription again on your following cycle. >CLICK HERE< for a help with that.

³ GPU's are not installed in all servers right now sadly, so it's not guaranteed that one will be present in your upgraded server.

Please submit a ticket with support for your optional upgrade.



While support is extremely happy to help with the migration process, we would humbly ask you to migrate your data if you are capable and confident. This is best from both a security and privacy standpoint.
We would kindly ask for patience over the coming week(s) as there may be slight delays due to the volume of upgrades/tickets.
Our excellent migration resource is >HERE< This document will help transfer all of your data and restore any sessions. 

Again, we would kindly ask you to
submit a ticket with support for your optional upgrade.



  1. Just like last year, we will have a raffle, where we will giveaway prizes worth a total of €1000!
  2. This will be in the form of client credit!
  3. 50% Discount first month (Can be availed with recurring Harrier discount and bring your friends in to try our service out) Code: NKL3R1VY4I
  4. Of course, we have announced the better packages above. :)


Going Forward


Going forward, we are continuing to improve every aspect of UltraSeedbox. We will keep bringing you updates over the next 2-3 weeks. We will be bringing you the following:

  1. New Landing page
  2. Comprehensive and structured documentation platform, focusing on supporting user-generated content.
  3. Update to our torrent clients, rTorrent 0.9.8, Transmission 3.0, and Deluge 2.0

Change already implemented this week:

  1. Irssi will finally also pull a pooled IP like our torrent clients do to avoid clashing on IRC servers.
  2. An annoying bug in Plex not setting the transcode mount directory is now fixed. Please use upgrade/repair to apply the fix.


Thank you all for choosing UltraSeedbox and we look forward to bringing you more improvements through now and into the future!



-UltraSeedbox Team


Edit: Please know that these upgrades are not automatic. If you are eligible for the upgrade you will need to request it via ticket to be upgraded to the suggested plan or above.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

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