Hi Clients,

We hope that you are all well and taking good care of yourself during these very tough, trying and uncertain times.
We will be slowly rolling out some changes here at UltraSeedBox that will affect us all, as we want to promote security and privacy on our brand. 

We have prepared the new PHP version which will address some of the ongoing Issues like php-zip module missing along with some other dependencies.

Rollout information:

LW900-LW914 - 20-06-01

LW970-LW989 - 20-06-04

LW814-LW820 - 20-06-07

LW821-LW825 - 20-06-10  

LW826-LW830 - 20-06-13

LW831-LW835 - 20-06-16

LW836-LW840 - 20-06-19

LW841-LW845 - 20-06-21

LW850-LW851 - 20-06-24

LW870-LW875 - 20-06-27

LW876-LW899 - 20-06-30

All done :)

Thank you for your understanding and much love.
Luke Harper
UltraSeedBox Management

Saturday, May 30, 2020

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