Hi, Clients.

We hope that you are all well and taking good care of yourself during these very tough, trying and uncertain times.
We will slowly rolling out some changes here at UltraSeedBox that will affect us all, as we want to promote security and privacy on our brand. Particularly where high amounts of traffic are being generated.

Our FTP access will now only allow secure connections only.
This could be over FTPS with Explicit/AUTH TLS on port 21 or SFTP protocol on Port 22.
Please also update your domains to @usbx.me instead of @ultraseedbox.com - You may get SSL errors otherwise.

Make sure your FTP clients are up-to-date and running the latest version as some will not work with this change as they are over a decade old.

Please visit our DOCS site HERE for a full resource on using FTP with our service.

Rollout information:

LW9XX - Completed.
LW814-LW820 - 20-05-15
LW821-LW825 - 20-05-18
LW826-LW830 - 20-05-21
LW831-LW835 - 20-05-23
LW836-LW840 - 20-05-26
LW841-LW845 - 20-05-29
LW850-LW851 - 20-05-31
LW870-LW875 - 20-06-03
LW876-LW899 - 20-06-06

All completed.

If plain FTP is REALLY necessary for you. You can look into this and run your own FTP instance as an alternative here: https://kb.ultraseedbox.com/display/DOC/Userland+ProFTPD
You will need to edit .config/proftpd/proftpd.conf and change TLSRequired on to TLSRequired off then finally, execute systemctl --user daemon-reload && systemctl --user restart proftpd

Thank you for your understanding and much love.
UltraSeedBox Management

Friday, May 15, 2020

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