Hello, clients of UltraSeedBox,

It’s already February, and here at UltraSeedbox we've so much planned for the rest of the year! We shared a feedback form at the beginning of 2020. Analyzing the responses, we’re extremely grateful for all the positive responses we got! Such feedback is what encourages us to work harder and strive to add new features.

What follows is a small overview of what we've planned for the coming months, as well as a general response on the feedback we've received. Note that the most requested features are at the top, with popularity decreasing as one goes down the list.

Storage focused plans
- The most popular demand by far, emphasizing more on the storage capacity rather than traffic. We already have some ideas in this regard, though the technical aspect of implementing it is a bit challenging for our small team, which is already working hard! It may be a month from now, or even six, but we plan to allow user customizability of configurations. You can opt for less cores, more bandwidth, and more storage, or focus more on bandwidth and not as much on storage. The exact parameters are yet to be decided, but we hope this will allow users to create the plan they want!

VPS with root access
- Another popular demand, however a service we do not plan on providing. Although we deal with servers on a large scale, we want our sole focus to be seedboxes. Furthermore, VPS have more support and maintenance associated, not to mention more services breaking when a user has root privileges. Additionally, there are many VPS and cloud providers with extremely cheap prices that would be hard to compete with at our scale. So, offering VPS services is not in our plan, thereby allowing us to focus more on seedboxing!

More Applications & Better Installers
- A greater selection of apps has been requested, even though none have been mentioned specifically. We are always looking to improve the end customer experience, so if you have a suggestion for an app we should include, let us know! We’ll do our best to add them to our current “app store”. We’re also in the process of designing better installers to make the process more convenient for you guys!

Carry Over Traffic
- We plan to implement transfer of unused bandwidth to the next month, but only for additionally purchased packs.

More Communication, FAQ & Tutorials
- We have just launched our blog, and a new feedback system and suggestion box is coming soon. We strive to communicate with our user base and receive feedback, and we believe these measures will aid client interaction even more.

Part SSD and Part HDD plans
- Although requested by many, the way our servers are setup, this would be hard to handle and configure, and the investment required is not worth it for us in the current scheme of things. If our thoughts on this change, we’ll be sure to let you know!


Subscription control - We are redesigning some aspects of the control panel, to allow users to manage their paypal subscription with greater ease, while also allowing for smoother upgrade or downgrade of current plans.

Less Users
- Although people have asked to have resources shared more reservignly, our current setup already ensures optimal distribution and most efficient use of the server, without hampering the performance of other customers. From time to time, we detect abusers, and give them a warning before further action is taken. Furthermore, we have several different plans, with different tiers allocating less or more resources to you. As an example, the Lightning Plex plan offers more cores reserved for your use, as well as a dedicated disk for maximum performance.

High Bandwidth Plans - Our current focus is on streaming and ensuring our customers have the best and smoothest media streaming experience. However, we might introduce more bandwidth packs on our NVME lineup, or perhaps even introduce new plans targeted towards high bandwidth users.

- Our goal is to provide users with the best seedbox experience, and providing hosting services does not align with our current targets, and as such we do not plan to introduce hosting plans any time in the near future.

Active updates for apps
- Everyone wishes for updates to happen transparently and to get the best and most up to date experience all the time. However, apps are prone to break on a bad update, or require additional configuration, which is why we choose not to automatically update applications for our users. That said, we are working on a system, offering the choice for the user to force upgrades when an update to an application is available, and of course, we will assist you if any complications arise!

Filebot alternative
- The latest version of Sonarr (v3) has great renaming and organization features, and can serve as an alternative to filebot. It’s in the final phase of testing and should be available in just a couple of weeks! Radarr is also capable of this for movies. We understand its not a direct replacement for Filebot, but if there are any other tools out there that are similar, please let us know! 

Cheaper Plans
-We have fairly recently either lowered prices or introduced additional features (bandwidth, storage) on most of our plans. We’d like to emphasize again - our goal is to be the best provider, not the cheapest. Our offers are already quite competitive for what they offer, and we’re sure you won’t regret choosing us.  But of course, keep your eyes peeled for flash discounts or other special deals from time to time!

Leaseweb NVME
- Unfortunately we have stopped offering any services at Leaseweb, and as such Leaseweb NVME plans are not something we plan to implement.

Dedicated Servers - Dedicated servers again pose a different market - offering bare metal hardware for performance, but also management and troubleshooting. We currently do not have any plans for dedicated servers, though something might be available with swizzin in the future, if we can work out something with the major network providers. But for now, there are no dedicated servers coming any time soon.

More incentives - We are planning to introduce a referral system, whereby for every new customer you bring to USB, you’ll get some additional credits! These could be credits against your invoice or additional bandwidth, something yet to be finalized. But keep your eyes out, we should have something for this in the not too distant future.

IPv6 support
- All our current data centers offer IPv6 address compatibility along with our existing IPv4 addresses. We are working on modifying our infrastructure setup (docker etc.) to also use these IPv6 addresses. It’s not a massive priority at the moment, but we hear the demand!

IRSSI IP same as Torrent IP
- Currently our servers have multiple IPs assigned to a single box, which are spread over different user’s deluge / ruTorrent [technically rtorrent but rutorrent they’ll understand it better], while irssi uses the box’s default IP. We will soon be rolling configuration changes so even irssi will use the same IP that the torrent clients use on the tracker, and the change will happen automatically. 

No fuss/No risk plan changes - This is something we all want as a team - our upgrade process is not ideal for us or you as a client, so we’re working on some stuff to make migrating and upgrading a much smoother and seamless process for everyone.

CC Payment - We understand not everyone has a PayPal account or is able to purchase cryptocurrencies. We are always looking to improve our payment options, but it’s not always the easiest to reach agreements with payment gateways.

Clear Product Pricing Tables
- We plan to overhaul our home page which displays our Plans, to make it clearer and easier to read for you as a client, so that you can distinguish the differences between each plan and know what fits your needs closest.

We would again, like to thank all contributors towards the feedback form. Feedback is the best tool for us to improve, to help make us the best we can be and we always welcome that.
We really do love you all. Lets grow together in 2020!

Thank you!

Paul Stanley
UltraSeedBox Manager

Sunday, February 9, 2020

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