Hello ladies and gentleman.

It has come to our attention just how open some of our clients applications are, we want to put a stop to this. You will notice more and more features appear that put your security first. But for now we want to end this current state of affairs. 

This goes for all apps that are open by default. 80% of our clients are not securing as their first action within the apps, we plan to make an article on our Wiki about this in the future and even better yet incorporate it with the actual installation.
But for the time being we ask you that you secure your instances, as it is such an easy entry point to your private data .

Firstly: Potential complications with password managers here, you may want to disable autofill with them on our entry as they may prefill these fields with passwords set from other areas of our service.
Please visit these three guides for visual guiding to authentication.



Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr or pretty much any app with two r's at the end then you take this step:

  • Settings -> General
  • Change Authentication to Forms (Login Page)
  • Set any username and password combo you desire
  • While you're here you might as well add your base url for HTTPS as well. in the base url field add /sonarr in Sonarr and /radarr in Radarr etc.
  • Go back to system and click the restart button.


  • Scroll to the bottom half of Jackett and put a secure password into the Admin password: field then click the Set Password button
  • Again, while you're here fill in the Base Path Override: to /jackett
  • Click Apply Server Settings

You should now be able to access your apps via your reverse proxies and have login pages.


Remember, your account security is YOUR responsibility.

Best Regards,
UltraSeedBox Support Team



Saturday, May 18, 2019

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