Hello all,


We wanted to update about the upgrades that happened last week around on all the servers. We had three goals in mind to apply these updates

  1. Installing nginx on all servers with short url and making our slots future SSL ready

  2. Upgrading Kernel

  3. Upgrading docker to the latest stable version


Everything went successfully and nginx setup was tested fine, but the issue that arised was the docker. Recent docker update was bad and is CPU intensive. Right after installing them servers started to go haywire in terms of CPU loads and such, Hence there were problems like installing apps, and rutorrent timeouts.


Identified some major issues on servers and there is solution for both of them but needs to be applied on servers first

    1. ruTorrent slow or timeouts regualry

    2. unable to stop/restart docker apps

    3. constant high CPU load because of docker and/or PHP on all servers.


Tested on few servers, working good.
Writing scripts to make it available on all the servers. Everything will be sorted under <24 hours.


Thanks for your understanding so far :)




UPDATE: rtorrent and rutorrent patch is now applied on all the servers. It should be stable now, If yours still down, just restart your rtorrent and everything should be back to normal. Docker downgrade process is going on.


Monday, March 25, 2019

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