Hello Folks,

We really appericiate your trust in us, We really want to provide you with the best. In our business practise our only intention is to offer the best value for your money and we are not afraid to accept that there's alot thinge needs to be done, there are lots of improvements we need to perform and there are lots of issues we need to take care of. Last month of ours was very hectic since we had to ditch all the Leaseweb servers and move the users to our own hardware. It's was too much work, We not only commited to move our old users to new services with better hardware and space but we committed to move their data too, which took us alot of time and unslept nights. We successfully made that happen with the margin of error of less then 1%, we do not have any case where data moving is left of or was not moved at all. It was a successful move.

Things that we need to take care of now.

1. Our Instant Deployment script is kind of broken right now, We need to make it intelligent. We know It's frustrating to wait, our scripts is dump. We need to make it intelligent enough to handle all the workaround it's lacking.    Done - Fixed.

2.. Worst thing right now is that we do not have nice documentation, We are going to start on it from today itself. Please mail me at [email protected] for the recommedations about what should we write articles on.

3. We already have implemented a way that only 8 seedboxes are deployed per IP address, We will make it better. We will do only deploy 3-4 seedboxes/IP address and We are going to offer dedicated IP address on big plans like Sukoi and Raptor.

4. We are going to add more applications to our UCP (Ultraseedbox Control Panel). 
     A. Resilio Sync OR Nextcloud
     B. Plex Request
     C. PlexPy
     D. x2go installation from UCP
     E. ZNC
     F. Headphones
     G. Flexget and NZBget
     H. Pyload
      I. Subsonic
      J. Medusa

5. SSL for all the applications in UCP and more memorable URL's. URL's will be changed to the format something like server.ultraseedbox.com/user/application. For Example, If it's Deluge and you are on LW705 server, URL will be lw705.ultraseedbox.com/enon/deluge
Testing phase started.

6. Improve app integration. We want seamless experience for our users, we don't want our users to hit their head with the configurations. We are looking for ways to have the applications already integrated right from the installation. For example - If you install Sonarr and rtorrent, you do not need to hit your head with configurations to setup sonarr with rtorrent, It will already be configured right after installation.

7. Traffic Reroute tool at nforce network.

8. Automatic deployment for Bandwidth orders.

9. In this move we understood that we should make our scripts alot better. We are going to write scripts that will not just move your data but your applications configurations, Users needed to re-install the application and then apply the old configurations/database/backups. Which was too much work for our clients, we will avoid this in future.

10. Last but not the least, UCPv2! :)

We are open for all the recommedations, we will not be working on improvements on our system and will provide you with the best possible user experience. :)
Please mail me with your recommedations at [email protected] 

-Ultraseedbox Staff.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

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