Hello All,

We have a excellent news for you all. We have decided to not to count FTP and Plex traffic towards your monthly upload quota anymore. We want you to have true Plex experience, and We know how it feels when we hit the bandwidth and not be able to do anything with the slots anymore. These limits are there to have server abuse under limits not to interept your Plex experience. We really think we should fill the purpose of what these plans are build for, Plex, and limiting the Plex traffic is no good.

We always want to give you better value for what you are paying in aspect of everything, be it a slot, support, network or anything. We do our best and we will always do our best.

I hope this news was exciting enough, and you will love us for life. hah. :)

This rule is effective Sunday, making few preparations to get this done ASAP. Sunday is the ETA. 


Thursday, July 27, 2017

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