Slow support for next 24 hours - Diwali Festival

Hello Folks,

My apologies first of all for the slow response you are getting on your tickets. We are celebrating Diwali - Festival of Lights  in our country, this is the reason we are running short on staff. I hope you all will understand. :)

Happy Diwali to you all. 

- Enon

19th Oct 2017
Improvements we will be bringing this month and the next.

Hello Folks,We really appericiate your trust in us, We really want to provide you with the best. In our business practise our only intention is to offer the best value for your money and we are not afraid to accept that there's alot thinge needs to be done, there are lots of improvements we need to perform and there are lots of issues we need to ... Read More »

5th Oct 2017
Slow support for next 24 hours


We are in the process of moving few hardware and users. Please allow us next 24 hours, We will get to all the tickets within 24 hours and solve your problems.

We are currently low on man power, We will be operational back with full staff on 4/10/17.


2nd Oct 2017
Slow Support for 2 days

Hello Clients,Due to unforseen in our town our support service is delayed. We have cerfew in our city, Internet and transport has been blocked by the government to under control the rage. Due to which only 2 staff is available to help. Please be with us, we are trying to help out at maximum level that we can. Our services will be operation with ... Read More »

29th Aug 2017
No more traffic counting for Plex and FTP on Plex Optimized Plans

Hello All,We have a excellent news for you all. We have decided to not to count FTP and Plex traffic towards your monthly upload quota anymore. We want you to have true Plex experience, and We know how it feels when we hit the bandwidth and not be able to do anything with the slots anymore. These limits are there to have server abuse under limits ... Read More »

27th Jul 2017
Being Transparent - Improvements, disappointments and future are being discussed today. Long awaited answers everybody asked for.

Dear clients, Today we are going to make huge announcement about various things. This will include all the things that we with and things that we have gone good with and how we are different from many providers out there. Back in November we was using Leaseweb. We were known for providing the most cheap seedboxes and we wanted to change that not ... Read More »

14th Jul 2017
Planned Upgrades

Hello Everyone,There will be planned upgrade on lw701 and lw703 nodes. We will be upgrading the server elements to make them more fit to handle the current load and provide a satisfying performance to every user on these nodes currently.There will be a downtime of approximately ~1 hour tomorrow i.e 17th March, 2017. So please do not panic at all ... Read More »

16th Mar 2017
Upgrade to a better Datacenter

We have little important announcement to make. Currently our users on server LW309 and LW310, These servers which were deployed just for these new series are not performing well.Reasons they're not performing well:1. Old hardware, We have rented these servers directly from Leaseweb like we're doing since last few years but It seems that Leaseweb ... Read More »

1st Dec 2016
Free Upgrade to 10Gbps services from 1Gbps in coming month - Read More

This is to announce that we are going to launch our 10Gbps services on 21st of this month and we will move all our 1Gbps infrastructure to 10Gbps in coming months.   We are going to move about ~25 Servers this month and offering free upgrades to these servers. All you need to do is to allow us ~1-2days to move your data completely. No data will ... Read More »

19th Sep 2016
New VPS plans and discounts

Dear visitors,Our brand new VPS plans have great money value and to introduce them we have 2 discount codes.  10% recurring discount - VPS10Promo Code: VPS10 20% recurring discount - VPS20*This discount is only available for quarterly payments (3 months) !!!Promo code: VPS20 More Info about plans: ... Read More »

29th May 2015